Your Life Matters. You Were Meant For MORE. 

You're Here Because Your Depression Is Robbing You Of The Chance To Live The Life You Were Meant To - A Life Of Love, Connection,

Joy And Peace. 

I See You. I Hear You. I Know Exactly What That Feels Like, Because I Have Been There Too. 

About veronica haupt

After discovering and fixing the root causes of MY depression and watching my life BLOSSOM as a result, I have dedicated my life to helping others who suffer with depression. 

I left the corporate world to study and qualify in a new form of therapy based on neuroscience - Optimal Emotional Freedom Technique, for which I am a qualified practitioner*. This type of psychotherapy is different from 'standard psychology', in that it works to quickly and permanently heal emotional pain, at a very deep level.


My unique methodology, a blend of coaching and healing, helps people permanently conquer their depression - in super-quick time. 

As well as helping people with depression to heal, I work with an international 'love coach' to help her clients break old relationship patterns.

My Story

Are YOU ready to start your journey to freedom and happiness?

Are you ready to climb out of the pit?

What People Are Saying...


'I feel like I have stepped out of a dark room into a light open space' - anonymous, was suicidal.


'From going into an emotional meltdown (that before would have lasted for hours or even days) to calming down in minutes...' - anonymous


'My anxiety seems to be more of a memory than a reality' - Justin G - anxiety for over 20 years.


'...After our session the other day, I woke up the next day feeling really down and hopeless about life - the same-old same-old feeling I always feel. I was too busy to do any work on it so I just left it. The following morning, I knew something had shifted! I woke up with a feeling of deep peace and I would almost call it joy. My hopelessness had completely vanished. But the best is, since that day, I have never experienced that same-old feeling again! It's been 3 months and I wake up every day, live every day feeling great. And it's not like I won the lotto - no circumstances in my life have changed!...' - Vicky W.


' the weeks go by with no sign of depression, I am more and more confident that it's gone for real, and less worried about a relapse. A very nice feeling indeed! - Verena S


'...I got home from an exam as his (her son) session ended. I hardly recognized him! Bright eyes, smiles and overwhelming awe from the session. Yay! He is positive, motivated and inspired...what a fantastic breakthrough!' - Riana B

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 * Veronica Haupt Is Also a Member of The Gary Craig Optimal EFT Course: