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Conquer Depression


If you’re battling with depression and are ready to do what it takes to overcome it, you are SO in the right place!


This Is What Happens With My Clients When They Work With Me…

Can You Imagine The Same For You?

Depression Is Simple AND QUICK To Conquer, When You Know How

Hi, I'm Veronica Haupt.

I know what depression is like because I've been there... so I know what you’re going through. 

Living under a huge black cloud.

Plotting and dreaming about suicide. Maybe even a suicide attempt behind you 😢

Resorting to antidepressant drugs, despite the awful side effects (because ANYTHING is better than that awful stabbing sadness in the middle of your chest)…

Maybe even too afraid to come off them because the last time you tried, the suicidal thoughts got crazy.

Or trying traditional ‘talk therapy’ but finding it made you feel WORSE – 

Or you’ve given up on it, because after months or YEARS, you still aren’t depression-free


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There is no need for EITHER years of therapy, OR debilitating drugs.

There IS a solution for depression – that’s quick, safe and permanent. 

Depression IS NOT Caused By A “Chemical Imbalance”

Depression Is NOT Incurable

Depression Doesn’t Have “Mysterious Causes” That Nobody Can Figure Out

Depression DOESN’T Need Years Of Psychotherapy To Overcome

AND Antidepressants Are NOT The Answer 

You CAN Conquer Depression – Quickly, Safely and PERMANENTLY. 

The 5 Chains That Are Keeping You In The Cage Of Depression – 

How To BREAK Them And Escape From The Cage For Good 

  • The dark cloud gone, out of that pit
  • Energy to get out of bed and bounce through the day
  • Massively improved sleep
  • No more dark or suicidal thoughts
  • Hopeful instead of hopeless

And As We Go Further...


  • A sense of belonging and connection – to society and family
  • Not isolated any more
  • Able to give emotionally, instead of being a drain
  • Having a purpose for your life
  • Having a plan to achieve your purpose
  • In control of your life
  • Optimistic about the future
  • Improved career prospects
  • Relationships healed; new relationships blossoming

“I felt extremely stuck, riddled with bad memories that haunted and affected me from my childhood. I was extremely anxious and depressed and knew no tools on how to help myself without running to the medical field.


As I started working with you, I could feel a change and that I was in control of my own life, mind and destiny.


My panic attacks are gone and will never be a fear of mine again…


I’ve learned lifelong techniques that you’ve taught me… when everything starts to feel overwhelming I go back to the techniques … and I can find peace within myself so quickly again.


It felt like being unlocked from a tiny prison for the first time in years! I felt freedom and confident and self-worth.”


– Natasha O – severe depression and anxiety

What's It Like To Work With Me?


The 5 Chains That Are Keeping You In The Cage Of Depression – 

How To BREAK Them 

And Escape From The Cage For Good