veronica haupt


Human beings are incredible. We each have a natural resilience threshold, and can handle a surprising amount of trauma!

BUT - 

after our threshold is reached, we start to experience effects. These effects show up as a reduced ability to handle 'life'.


Veronica specializes in treating this with an advanced form of therapy called Optimal Emotional Freedom Technique (OEFT). She is a trained practitioner with several years’ experience - and an empathetic, gifted healer.


Rather than labelling conditions, OEFT works to remove the 'emotional sting' of any trauma events from the subconscious mind. This gives great relief - and releases a tremendous amount of energy that we have been unknowingly using, to supress the pain.


The Result?


Increased energy. A sense of burdens being lifted. Shifting of the 'dark cloud' hanging over you. A feeling of peace. And a release of JOY and contentment that we have forgotten is our normal state!  

Depression, Anxiety And Trauma Specialist
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Emotional Freedom Technique is a form of psychotherapy that differs from standard psychology. Many psychologists are adding it to their treatment protocols, because of its effectiveness in dealing with mental and emotional wellbeing issues. Results are achieved far quicker than standard psychology, CBT or NLP. OEFT is a more advanced form of standard EFT. 


Usually around 5 sessions are all that are needed to recover from trauma. Even anxiety and depression can be successfully treated in a short space of time. 


What Clients Say...

"I enjoyed tremendously working with Veronica. She is by far, one of my favorite EFT therapists. I really love her energy: light and very uplifting. Her insights are always on spot, she has a great intuition. I felt very comfortable working with  her and it was easy for me to trust her guidance. We worked on some issues for my child and I saw positive changes in my child the very next day. I keep doing the meditation that Veronica guided me through on a daily basis and see more and more improvements. I can't recommend her highly enough." - Sadie Baktybek, USA


“I felt extremely stuck, riddled with bad memories that haunted and affected me from my childhood. I was extremely anxious and depressed and knew no tools on how to help myself without running to the medical field.

As I started working with you, I could feel a change and that I was in control of my own life, mind and destiny.

My panic attacks are gone and will never be a fear of mine again…

I’ve learned lifelong techniques that you’ve taught me… when everything starts to feel overwhelming I go back to the techniques … and I can find peace within myself so quickly again.

felt like being unlocked from a tiny prison for the first time in years! I felt freedom and confident and self-worth.”  

– Natasha O, South Africa

'I feel like I have stepped out of a dark room into a light open space' - anonymous, Zimbabwe, was suicidal.


'From going into an emotional meltdown (that before would have lasted for hours or even days) to calming down in minutes...' - anonymous

'My anxiety seems to be more of a memory than a reality' - Justin G, Johannesburg, South Africa - anxiety for over 20 years.

'...I got home from an exam as his (her son) session ended. I hardly recognized him! Bright eyes, smiles and overwhelming awe from the session. Yay! He is positive, motivated and inspired...what a fantastic breakthrough!' - Riana B, Johannesburg, South Africa

If you feel like you are just not handling life the way you should, you are absolutely in the right place. 

' the weeks go by with no sign of depression, I am more and more confident that it's gone for real, and less worried about a relapse. A very nice feeling indeed! - Verena S, Cape Town, South Africa